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Download Adventure of Explosions

Adventure of Explosions


Information about Adventure of Explosions

Game Name: Adventure of Explosions

Type of Game: Flash

Link to play online: Adventure of Explosions

Download available for: PC Computer Windows and MAC Apple

Programs needed to play:

Adobe Flash

Mozilla Firefox Browser

(Plugins like Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave or Unity Web Player must be downloaded by the Mozilla Firefox browser. Do not forget that after the transfer of these plugins needed to play by the above links, you always have to open and run the downloaded file to proceed and complete the installation of the plugin in the browser.)

Free Download: Yes

Full Game: Yes

Works offline (no Internet connection) after download: Yes

After download, open the file (open with) with Mozilla Firefox. The capabilities of Mozilla Firefox can open this game even without internet, you can play anywhere.

Open the Link for the Game Download